Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was an extremely busy day. We woke up bright and early, had a quick bowl of cereal underway, and headed out of Savannah Bay. We motored around to Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda and dropped our anchors. We packed our bags with plenty of water, sunscreen, work gloves, and snacks and rode our dinghies over to Spanish Town Harbor. We caught our 8:30 taxi ride to the Copper Mines; there Torin gave us a little historical background of the mines. We did a little trash-picking-up there then walked around to the beach right next to that. We had our work cut out for us at this beach! We filled trash bags with everything from tiny plastic pieces to shoes to giant barrels filled with sand. After our hot and sweaty beach clean-up, we hauled our filled trash bags back to the road at the top of the hill. We were anxious to get back to the boat to get into our bathing suits and jump into the cool water after our hard work. We took the boat to the dock at Spanish Town and filled our water tanks. While we were docked there, we were given about an hour and a half of free time in Spanish Town. We ate lunch at a cute little restaurant; the food was amazing! A great treat for all of our hard work. At 2:30 we motored the boat around to “The Baths”. The Baths were incredible, words cannot describe how much fun it was to maneuver our way through the rocks. After our swim and hike through the rocks, we headed back to the boat and were greeted with amazing news, Hibiclens fresh water showers! Feeling clean and refreshed we sat down to a chili and rice dinner. All-in-all, today was a great day filled with many great memories! -Hi Mom, hi Dad! I miss and love you guys!!!!

Staff Entry: Today was our first real big day. The team started to come together by working in small groups to reach a common goal; helping each other move trash bags too heavy and unwieldy for a single person to carry. But tomorrow gets even bigger as we help the local Humane Society set up and run the BVI DOG SHOW! Hopefully, we get to do some guest showings! -Torin