Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

We woke up today from the first full night of sleep (for most of us). After we woke up, we had a fantastic breakfast of bagels and yogurt with a beautiful view of Virgin Gorda. We pulled up anchor then sailed off, motored off, for the Copper Mines. The Copper Mines were drop-dead gorgeous; all the rocks were all withered away with Cortes rocks filled with mica all around. The view was outstanding, but the climb was treacherous to get there. After the Copper Mines, we went down the beach below where we went to pick up and collect trash; though we didn’t only see trash but very intricate coral as well. Then we got on an open back, “truck” taxi and rode back to the boat. We picked up some of our money and went into town to eat lunch and catch up with our parents. After lunch, we went back to the boat and sailed to the “Baths.” The baths are an old, massive 1880’s-ish bathing place where people would bring their slaves down to wash off and clean up before going down to St. Thomas and Puerto-Rico to be sold. The Baths were extremely fun, as that was the first time I brought my GoPro to take videos. We jumped off a rock and climbed some more. We left the Baths then went back to the boat and ate dinner. Today was especially fun because of the Baths.