Location: Uvita

Hola Amigos! Today we woke up a bit later and got to go to breakfast at a recreation center where we saw some of the children playing futbal! After a tasty breakfast, we got back in the van and were on our way to a local waterfall. It was so pretty! We swam, jumped off rocks, and even slid down the waterfall. Meca and Chloe both overcame their fear of heights! After, we went back on the van with Hugo and headed off to help build the house for peace corps volunteer. We made cement, put down tiles, and built a wall. It was so cool! Sadly, this was our last day of hard work, but it was very fulfilling. After 4 hours, we headed back to the hostel, stopping to pick up breakfast for tomorrow. At the hostel, we were able to get our phones back and talk to our loved ones! Then we enjoyed a yummy dinner of pizza and enjoyed a fun night of cards and eating lots of candy!

Buenas Noches!