Location: Boruca and Terraba Reserves

Today we had self serve breakfast, which was yogurt, cereal, and PBandJ. Then we got on the bus and took a long drive to the indigenous forest where we started by going to a family’s house to see a water ritual by some of the natives. When we all arrived the first thing we saw was a tiny kitten which had to be only a few weeks old, so CUTE! The ritual took place behind the family’s home by the river; they had a fire, which made the ritual more authentic! After we all watched the ritual, we made our way carefully back up to the house for lunch, which was tricky because the mud was very slippery. After a tasty lunch, we got back on the bus and continued on the journey through the indigenous to where we will be sleeping for the next few days. The sleeping arrangements are kind of like summer camp which connects everyone to each other a little more! After settling in, we went to the common area for dinner and a couple of rounds of the game Werewolves. Now we are all chatting before a good night of rest, Buenos Noches!