Location: Boruca and Terraba Reserves

Today after we had breakfast, we went to the “jungle” to plant some trees. After we finished planting all the trees, one of the indigenous men who helped us do the work, gave us mamones chinos as a thank you for our help. The mamones chinos were freshly picked off the trees near us. After we finished, we got back to our cabins to put on our chacos and swimsuit, since we were gonna go to a pond. We had a long walk, but finally, we arrived at the pond. We spent some time there and took a few pictures. After we arrived back to our place, we had lunch. Right after lunch, two indigenous people came to teach us how to do handcrafts, the traditional way. That was very fun, and we all made some pretty cool things. After dinner, we played Meca’s favorite game, “Soup Salad”! Which is a fun charades type game that had us laughing a lot with our goofy attempts at describing words. Last night in the Jungle!