Location: Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda

As the days go on, we start to see a pattern with the early mornings with the day starting at six again. After a slow start, we eat a quick breakfast of oatmeal and then we’re off. We take the dinghies to Spanish Town and catch a cab up to the copper mine national park. On the way, up our cab driver points out Morgan Freeman’s house, which was such a cool way to start the morning. When we’re all there, we go on a short hike down the hill that goes down to the copper mines (which consists of a chimney and a small building.) When we get down to the mine, we climb over rocks that are being pounded with the waves down below us. After we’ve all gotten our fair share of the view, we head back down to the beach and start our cleanup. We manage to fill four garbage bags with all of the trash and plastic that we found, and then we’re on our way back down to Spanish Town. After a quick trip back to the boat, we’re granted shore time, which is a blessing for us teenagers because we get our phones back!!! We also were able to eat out, and not on the boat, which was such a nice change. When we had all eaten as much as we could, and shopped as much as our wallets let us, we were needed back on the boat so that we could go to the Baths. We quickly motored over to the baths and took the dinghies over so that we could get closer. The Baths are huge rocks that we can climb over, around, through, and to jump off. We took a quick walk through the rocks and ended up on the top of a huge rock, where we all proceeded to jump off it in quick succession, as it was so much fun. When everyone had jumped off the rock, we took another path to Devil’s Bay where we were able to swim back to the dinghy and jump off that. Some of the students were adventurous enough to do flips off the side, but most of just watched (and laughed when they flopped.) The day then started to slow down with our first freshwater shower and chili and rice for dinner. The meal was concluded with chocolate chip cookies and our first Lifeworks forum