Location: La Carpio/San Jose

Today was something new for us because the students were put in charge of deciding what we would do for the day to give back to the people of Costa Rica. The group decided to head back to La Carpio to work on some important projects we started yesterday, including painting a motivational mural on a library wall and setting up a daycare with local children who have so little compared to us. Santiago, Michael, Sofia and I spent the morning helping the ladies at the Montessori prepare a meal to take to the homeless people in San Jose. We all had a taste of the food we made and ate the lunches that our host moms made for us before we said our last goodbye to everyone in La Carpio, a place that has inspired us and also one we will never forget. We arrived at San Jose and supplied the homeless men and women with a filling lunch of spaghetti and sauce, bread and butter, salad and lemonade (or “fresca”). They all thanked us and returned to their shelter across the street. We then quickly grabbed a bite to eat before heading back to Santa Ana to meet our families and get ready for an exciting game of futbol. What a great way to celebrate a hard day at work!