Location: West End, Tortola

Hello, GoB’s!! Welcome to Monarch! Over the next 21 days, we will be filling you in on all of our adventures, inside jokes, projects, and general fun-having through this blog. While we wait for our shipmates to arrive today for their very first day, we’d love to introduce you to the staff of Monarch. After two FABULOUS days of prep between sessions, we cannot wait to kick off session 2! Today, we scrubbed the boat from top to bottom, filled every crevice with food, and planned out how we could cram the most excitement possible into 21 days that will surely fly by. We are SO thrilled to meet you all and see what this session holds – but before we do that, let’s tell you a little bit about us.

Krisz (skipper) – Krisz was born just outside of Budapest, Hungary. Even though it is a landlocked country, his parents introduced him to sailing at a young age. Once he participated in a sailing camp on the coast of Croatia, Krisz knew that he wanted to pursue sailing as a professional career. Krisz obtained his first skipper license upon turning 18 and started running charters all over the Mediterranean. After a few years of sailing with family and friends, Krisz moved to the UK and continued building his resume as a professional captain. Upon receiving his Yachtmaster Offshore license, he looked for more opportunities abroad. Krisz is coming back for his third summer at ActionQuest. While he is no stranger to the British Virgin Islands and teaching sailing, Krisz is excited to share his passion for sailing and the oceans with everyone who joined AQ this year.

Beth (Scuba Instructor/Medic) – Beth grew up on the coast of southwest Florida and discovered her love for the ocean at a very young age. She seized every opportunity to be near, in, or on the water. Whether fishing, wakeboarding, sailing, or surfing, Beth and her siblings always found their way to the coast. Becoming scuba certified early was a natural fit for her lifestyle; she loved exploring the underwater world Florida offered. As a seventh grader, she attended her first summer camp, where a new world presented itself. This was her first taste of ActionQuest! Since 2015, Beth has spent every summer in the Virgin Islands, either as a student or working in the area. She also spent one semester aboard Seamester’s S/Y Argo. It’s clear she caught the bug, and she worked her way right up to scuba instructor. Thanks to AQ, Beth also realized her love for travel and experiencing the world for herself. Beth plans to conquer the land, sea, and air! When she isn’t in the water, she can be found skydiving, riding her horses, or hanging out with her dogs! She is a recent graduate as a registered nurse and also holds her EMT license, Wilderness EMT license, BLS certification, and Emergency First Response Instructor. She is excited to continue sharing her love of adventure and the ocean with her future students.

Lindsey (mate/ medic) – Lindsey grew up in the Chicago suburbs but always wanted to escape the big city. She was fortunate enough to be a Lifeworks (the precursor to GoBeyond) student, which influenced her decision to live by the ocean. Lindsey started her studies at the College of Charleston in Public Health and Spanish. That experience set her on a path of appreciation for our planet and all its inhabitants. After college, she became a Peace Corps Volunteer in Vanuatu (just west of Fiji). Wanting to pursue higher education after her time in the Peace Corps, Lindsey attended Emory University for three years, where she completed a Master’s in Public Health and Nursing Professional. While Lindsey is busy preparing for this summer at AQ, she is also excited to start as an emergency nurse resident in September.

Likes include: traveling, animals, plant-based diets, and running.
Dislikes include: when houseplants die, allergies, and disorganization.