Location: The Amazon

This morning we woke up at 7:00 and packed our bags for another morning of travel. Once we were all shuttled to the airport we went through the usual procedures for checking in and going through security. However, while we were waiting to board our airplane there apparently were some suspicious items in one of our suitcases. Somehow, lost through translation, we all thought that someone packed raw eggs in their suitcase. Thankfully no one actually packed raw eggs and it was only a container of bug spray. After we sorted out the baggage confusion, we boarded our plane for an hour-long flight. This flight consisted of sleeping and Disney songs like our days are usually filled with. When we landed we grabbed our luggage and took a bus ride to the dock and were given a sturdy pair of rain boots to help us with our excursions in the rainforest. We then loaded up the boat with ourselves and our belongings. The boat ride to the hotel was beautiful, the river water was a light brown color and the jungle flora engulfed the sides of the river. Towards the end of our boat ride it began to pour, luckily I was sitting towards the back so I did not get as wet as everyone else. When we pulled up to the lodge it was breathtaking. The only challenge was hauling our luggage up the endless flight of stairs. Fortunately at the top was the dining room with a rewarding lunch and hammocks to sleep in. After lunch we went to Hectors island, learned about the monkeys and hiked through the jungle. I was very thankful to be wearing my rainboots because it was very muddy and wet. Now we are showering and washing our muddy clothes before the electricity is turned off for the night! setdate:2012-07-09