Location: The Amazon to Quito

Today was our last morning in the Amazon. Sadly we had to leave the place where nature, animals, and humans coexist. We had to be on our boat at 8 am which brought us back to the mainland. We had time before our flight, so we visited Coca’s local market. While we were there the bravest of us decided to try grugs, a local dish. Only three courageous people, Natalie, Liz and myself ate them alive while others opted to eat them cooked. After this traumatizing experience, we took our flight back to Quito. Once we arrived, we had lunch and strolled to an internet cafe where some of us were able to connect with our families. (Thanks mom and dad for not answering). After a brief stop at a supermarket, we had empanadas and returned to the hostel. Some of us went rock climbing while others chose to stay back to pack for the Andes and relax. Tonight we are having pizza for dinner to finish this amazing day before heading off to the Andes.