Location: The Amazon

After an early breakfast we boarded the canoes and set out on the river. Naturally, the boat led by yours truly was victorious in reaching the dock first. After waiting for the others to finish, splashing up the river inefficiently, we began our second canoe ride — this time around a quiet lagoon surrounded by exotic jungle plants. We floated around the shore of the lagoon, hoping to find a capybara, but our efforts were futile. Those with enough physical magnificence continued our exploration of the lagoon by hiking along the shore. After, we returned to our original canoes to paddle back up the river to the lodge for lunch. Once we finished a delightful meal, we prepared for our next canoe journey. We put on the appropriate clothing and covered ourselves in bug repellent before setting out on our adventure. This time the trip was much longer. We paddled for about a half an hour until we finally reached our destination; Hectors island in the middle of the Napo River. We disembarked from our vessels and lined up for our next activities: blow darts and spear throwing. Our objective was to hit a target 15 to 20 feet away. Lisa won the blow dart competition but for the spear throwing there was no clear winner. Our next activity was tree climbing using an Amazon technique which was truly difficult. No one besides Javier and Liz made it more than four feet off the ground. After a quick soccer match, we returned to the hostel via motorized canoe, because no one had the energy to paddle back upstream. We took showers, put on clean clothes and went to dinner. After dinner we had a bonfire and roasted marshmallows while Hector told us scary stories about the Jungle. We eventually went back to our rooms to get some well needed rest, although a few were a bit freaked out falling asleep after hearing the stories by the campfire!