Location: The Amazon

Today we awoke bright and early to a delicious breakfast of eggs and cheese empanadas. We then took the boat up the river to the bus to reach the small community where we worked yesterday. We had to level and clear the ground for the greenhouse. We worked out a system, and after an hour or two we had removed all the grass and roots and evened the ground. We then took a much-needed break! After the break, the boys, Natalie and Nadine finished the greenhouse while Juliet, Starsi, Jennie, Angelina, Allie, and Lisa taught the local children basic English phrases, colors, clothes, and numbers. We then all gathered as a group and spent an hour playing with the kids. Everyone had a blast, and we learned some new games. No one wanted to leave as we said our goodbyes and boarded our bus to go back to the eco-lodge. After lunch, we had some free time to relax and prepare for our jungle hike. We went up a narrow muddy trail to a canopy viewing structure. Most of our group climbed up to enjoy the spectacular views. Then we hiked back to the hotel and did a reflection activity before dinner. After dinner, some of the group relaxed and went to bed, while Lisa, Natalie Noah, William, and Collin went on a night hike. We saw many large bugs, huge spiders and even a tree frog! At the end of the day, everyone was ready for bed and the adventures of tomorrow.