Location: Galapagos - Quito

We left the Galapagos today, which was pretty saddening for everyone. I still smell the occasional scent of sea lion now and again. Our flight back to Quito was pretty uneventful, but we ended up eating lunch/ dinner at 5:00, which for most of us consisted of fries and burgers, sandwiches and salads. Though I miss the islands, it feels nice to be back in a city with lots of buildings and cars, paved roads and simply more people. After “lunch” some of us headed to an internet cafe, and all of us ended up going crazy at the supermarket stocking up on snacks. The boys bought candy, chips and cookies (and somehow still stay skinny! What is this madness?) Most of the girls bought fruit and granola bars. It was a great experience considering how often we have gone to supermarkets back home. So to my parents, and everyone else’s parents: We know you miss us, and we miss you too, but for the moment enjoy the fact that your children have learned to appreciate supermarkets and laundry. We are off to the Amazon tomorrow, and we are all psyched! We will be without internet for the next five days so look forward to seeing all the blog updates when we get back!