Location: San Cristobal, Galapagos

Sadly, today was our last day in the Galapagos. We spent most of the day on a small motorboat which took us to several locations. Our first stop was to an island called Los Lobos. We snorkeled and saw many fish as well as an underwater iguana and of course, many sea lions. Next, we went to Kicker Rock where we had an amazing time snorkeling. We saw sting rays, starfish, lots of turtles, sea lions, fish and sharks. It was amazing to see sharks swim so close to us! We swam through the channel in between two rocks. Our guide told us the highest point of the rock was about 400 feet tall! Our last stop was to a beautiful sandy beach where people swam, played soccer and napped. The water was pretty cold but as Jessica said before we jumped off the boat to go snorkeling “being cold is only temporary, and the memories will last forever!” After our boat tour, we came back to our hostel to shower and pack. After a presentation from the Galapagos National Park Service to thank us for our hard work, we headed into town to pick up some last souvenirs before we depart for Quito tomorrow.