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Location: San Cristobal, Galapagos

When we woke up at 7:30 for breakfast we met in the common area of the hostel. We had a good breakfast of eggs, toast, juice and even some Nutella! At 8:00 we got on the bus for a short half hour ride into the mountains. Once we arrived it was misty and cold. We grabbed our machetes and other tools and walked to the area where we would be working for the day. The walk was muddy and we went up and down huge hills. When we got to our spot we started working on cutting down invasive species, ferns and blackberry bushes. After about two hours we stopped to eat lunch, then the two groups switched places. In the afternoon, my group worked on clearing around an endangered plant to help it grow. After we were done our work for the day we went to the beach to hangout and play soccer. We then came back and went out to eat at a restaurant in the town. I had shrimp and fries, which were really good. After dinner we came home and went to bed, excited to swim with sharks tomorrow. The End.