Location: Vixen Point

Today our journey with Lifeworks started at 7 am in the morning. We woke up to some oatmeal and various cereals. After our breakfast we all gathered and got ready to set sail to Leverick Bay. Everyone took part in getting us there. Once we arrived at the bay our crew met with the other Lifeworks boat and ActionQuesters. Our mission today was to help out at a children’s school called, Robinson O’Neil. We got there by taxi and were welcomed to a huge crowd of joyous students. The students were in the grades Kindergarten through the beginning of middle school. We all knew that we were there to make the students have fun and get to enjoy themselves. We all got to play with students and entertain them. There were games ranging from duck duck goose, soccer, baseball, tag, etc. We even interacted with them artistically and let their creative minds take on the tasks of making bracelets and drawing pictures. The students were thrilled to have company and a time set out for fun. After hours of endless laughter, love and joy we left the school on a happy note. We said our goodbyes and were then off to our ships. We hiked our way back to the dock area. Then we got to our boats and soon prepared to go have shore time. Some of our shipmates enjoyed lunch on our boat; others went to explore the bay and eat at the various restaurants. We spent a couple hours getting to roam around the area. We also got to check in with family and friends using our phones. It was a nice refreshing break after the work we put in at the school. After shore time around mid-afternoon, we all joined together to get our boat Catalinavile to Vixen Bay. After our smooth sailing, everyone got to freshen up and take nice warm showers. As our day was coming to an end we had one final event, the dance! Before the dance shipmates got all dressed up and ready to head out. Our ship and others soon met at a local dock/ island where the dance would be held. We took pictures with our shipmates and staff members as well. A huge amount of campers were there too. We all mingled and talked. Then dinner approached, and we all enjoyed hamburgers, hot dogs, pasta salad, etc. Pretty much right after is when we got to take it to the dance floor with the famous, DJ Beats. Catalinaville rocked it on the dance floor all together. We danced the night away and made a memorable night not only with our crew but other shipmates from different boats! After the exhausting day it was safe to say that we had all had a good slumber.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog and we hope that from reading this you as well know that we all have been having a great time here!