Location: Uvita & Savagre River

Today was a bit of a surprise because we had white water rafting moved up in our schedule! We woke up a bit earlier than normal, but we did it with excitement. After traveling for about 45 minutes, we arrived at our first destination; breakfast. We all enjoyed a great meal. Everyone was getting anxious as the time grew closer for rafting. There was a 30-minute drive to the river, and then before we knew it, we were going down the river! Of course, it was exciting! Devin and James (our favorite local pirates), went around pulling people into the water during the flat sections of the river. We even got to stop and hike to a waterfall and eat fresh fruit. We got back into the boats and knew that it was time for battle. Don’t worry just a water battle! After taking in the beauty of the surroundings and swimming a bit, we ended the rafting part of the day. It was amazing, but we were exhausted! Thankfully we had a 45-minute ride to return to our job site because we were supposed to mix cement for the floor of a new building! I speak for everyone when I say we were beaten, but we fought through it and ended up cementing a third of the floor! We arrived back at the hotel satisfied and hungry! We showered up and ate dinner, and before we knew it, everyone was asleep. Shout out to my mom (Christine Burton) and dad (Tom Burton) and my two lovely brothers (Michael and Peter). Oh yeah, we even came up with a song “She wears short skirts, I wear cement shirts. She’s a cheer captain, and I’ve got dirty sneakers. Dreaming about the day when we wake up and find the sidewalk paved without us having to try.”