Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we woke up around 7:00 am and got ready to dock at West End. We got off our mooring ball and headed to the end of the dock. After maneuvering the boat onto the dock we had breakfast and filled up our water tanks. After a nice breakfast of oatmeal we got ready to go to the mangrove site near West End. We got in our bathing suits and gathered the materials that we needed to plant and measure the mangroves and set off. We walked to the mangroves for about 10 minutes. We got to the mangroves and started to pull out dead mangroves and plant new ones. There were about 330 mangroves that were planted in PVC pipes. We had to measure and record a third of the mangroves that were planted. We only got about 50 mangroves recorded when it started to pour. We speed walked back to the boat and got to have shore time in West End.

After a nice 2 hours in West End, we got back on to the boat and started to sail to Great Harbor, Peter Island. After a long and windy sail we finally arrived at GHP. During the sail we talked about what we were going to do for the training scenario for VISAR, which is the Virgin Island Search and Rescue team. Every Thursday the VISAR crew has training for their new volunteers. At around 5:30 we called the VISAR crew on the radio telling them our fake injuries, which were Michael who “fell” off the bimini, which is the hard top for the cockpit, Dara who “fell” through a hatch, and Victoria’s finger was “severed” off. They came as quick as they could and pretended that the scenarios were real so they could get the experience. They did all of the training and then zoomed off. After that nice day we took showers and had a wonderful dinner, Mexican Night. Then finally after dinner we watched a documentary called Blue Planet and a lovely desert of apple cobbler made by me and Patrick.