Location: San Cristobal, Galapagos

As today was our last day of community service with the Galapagos National Park Service, we all finally began to see how much hard work we would be doing throughout the trip. Although we worked extremely hard all day working to paint the tortoise hatchery and pick even more weeds and roots out of the ground, my favorite part of the day was when Annika, Stephanie and I quickly snuck away from the work to find the toilet and we happened to stumble upon a huge pile of tortoises. This being the first time we saw large tortoises, we squealed with excitement and watched as slowly, but surely lettuce was eaten and spat back out again. The moment though when we saw a grumpy tortoise bite and attack one of its fellow diners was when we suddenly realized how this whole trip was reflected within the sought after tortoises themselves. There is always that grumpy person in the world who causes a scene to steal the attention, but our outstanding group is the rest of the group. We all work as one in the background to produce an overall effect that might not always be immediately noticed, but without it, the rest of the world would crumble. This is exactly what our work here in Ecuador is. Overall all our last day in the highlands was my favorite day, and we are all looking forward to our day at Floreana Island tomorrow. (Note: Credit for the fourth photo goes to Sierra)