Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today for rebuilding island life we went back to the school to finish all the projects we had started the previous day. One team finished the rest of the swing set, including painting it a beautiful green and blue. Rachel, Ned, and Elliot went back to the Valley school to put up the fence. David led Matt and me into completing our awesome “wells,” everyone else was painting picnic tables. The other 17 in preserving paradise started their day off by watching TED talks about the environment. Afterward, they hiked to clean up a beach covered in hurricane debris, such as plastic and trash. In the afternoon, we all met up at the boat then took the dinghies to the baths. The baths are a beautiful rock formation that we all climbed around. David took me, Matt, Ned, Vic, and Gwen through the rocks for about 30 minutes until we finally found our way out. To end the day as we always do we taught our last day of swim lessons.

– Macy P