How To Book Flights

GoBeyond students come from all over the world, so coordinated travel is of vital importance. For this reason, we strongly suggest that students book flights with our travel coordinator, Leah Hernandez of TRC Travel Center. Leah obtains great fares and provides close monitoring and assistance on travel days in case of flight difficulties. Since we have no ability to access or modify flight bookings that are not purchased through Leah, GoBeyond cannot be responsible for the coordination of flights not booked through TRC Travel Center.

Travel Coordinator: Leah Hernandez of TRC Travel Center
Tel: +1.281.528.7727 or 800.329.9000

Air transportation to and from the program, including in-country flights (see “Internal Flights” below), are not included in the GoBeyond tuition fee. Please contact Leah for sample itineraries and an estimation of the international flight cost. Full details on passport and visa requirements are provided upon enrollment.

Preferred Itineraries

For all journeys, GoBeyond works with TRC Travel Center to select a preferred itinerary from a designated U.S. or Canadian hub airport to/from the destination country. GoBeyond strongly encourages U.S.-based families to book on our recommended route, so that students can fly together as a team. Please bear in mind, however, that GoBeyond has no control over the number of participants that choose to fly on a journey’s preferred flight itinerary. Depending on the desires of other participants, the number of students traveling on the recommended route can vary greatly.

Alternate Itineraries

For non-U.S. based students, those looking to use frequent flier miles, or others that may wish to book an alternate itinerary, please be aware that the journey start date is the date upon which GoBeyond’s preferred flight itinerary departs the hub airport in the U.S. or Canada. Due to time zone differences in certain program locations such as China, Thailand, Australia, and India, the preferred flight may actually land in the host country the day after. The journey end date is the date upon which the GoBeyond preferred flight departs the host country. Students who are not booking with TRC Travel Center or on our preferred flight itinerary must contact our office prior to booking to ensure they are arriving and departing the host country at appropriate times.

Airport Assistance

Our office team actively monitors and supports our participants on travel days. We suggest that students travel with a cell phone, as this can be useful for communication to and from the program. For certain flight connections, GoBeyond also offers onsite airport assistance…

Outbound Flights (Preferred Itineraries) – In some instances, particularly for the first session of the summer, GoBeyond has a group leader who flies with the students on the preferred itinerary at the start of the trip. When a group leader is not able to travel with the students on this outbound flight, GoBeyond will typically hire an in-airport representative who is responsible for helping troubleshoot any flight/connection issues that may arise.

Inbound Flight (Preferred Itineraries) – On occasion, particularly for the last session of the summer, a group leader will return to the U.S. on the preferred flight with the students. If a staff member is not able to return with the students, GoBeyond will not typically hire an in-airport representative for the U.S./Canadian hub airport. This is due to the lack of an onsite representative’s ability to attend to customs/immigration issues and ongoing connection coordination when they do not arrive in with the students.

For more information, please contact our office to discuss what flight routing you would like to book for your son or daughter. We will be glad to let you know what type of support we typically offer for your journey (specific plans will only be available nearer the travel date).

Internal Flights

Students attending our Ecuador/Galapagos journey and our India journey should be aware that the in-country flights (our transportation to get to the Galapagos and to the Amazon in Ecuador, and from Delhi to Amritsar in India) are not available through Leah. These flights are best booked with in-country agencies, so GoBeyond organizes and pre-pays for these flights on our families’ behalf. Once all arrangements have been made, families are invoiced to reimburse these fees. Typically these additional flight costs are $800 for Ecuador/Galapagos students and $170 for India students.

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