Focal Point | British Virgin Islands

Sailing through the British Virgin Islands truly feels like stepping into a postcard.

Written by Shaun Swartz

With every nautical mile sailed and with every drop of the anchor, I find another reason to fall in love with these islands. Often however, we tend to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of working towards our goal of performing 100 community service hours in a short three week trip and overlook the beautiful backdrop in which we so fortunately find ourselves. 

Below you’ll find just a few of my favorite photos from my GoBeyond summer volunteer programs for high school students in the British Virgin Islands. So kick back, relax, and let the Trade-winds blow through your hair in this gallery of 21 BVI photos from this year’s “Preserving Paradise” Journey ~ Because lets be honest, we would all rather be in the islands right now anyway. Enjoy! hello


About The Author

Shaun’s passions for adventure and exploration were sparked at a young age through frequent camping trips in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains and surfing trips in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Through a variety of jobs in education, marine science, and adventure guiding over the past six years, Shaun has sought to broaden not only his own horizons, but also the horizons of his students through immersive and experiential education. Currently, Shaun aims to inspire environmental awareness, conservation, and stewardship in the marine ecosystem by combining his interests in photography, journalism and media. Follow his journey on Instagram (@ScSwartz), or through his website www.shaunswartz.com

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