Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

The morning started a little later today because of the big beach dance we had last night. We woke up at 7:30 and ate some pretty decent french toast. We went to Julie’s house, which is the lady who runs the clean up for BVI after the storm. Julie’s house was destroyed, and we tried to pick up the pieces by moving lots of wood and cinder blocks. I got to use the sledgehammer to bang out a wall, which felt extremely satisfying. We had shore time, and I got a buffalo chicken wrap of course because what else would I eat @mom. After shore time we went back to Julie’s and finished cleaning up. Then we went snorkeling. We swam over a shipwreck which was amazing. We saw a baby nurse shark when snorkeling, and it swam right next to us. The fish was pretty cool. We came back and ate dinner, and now I’m writing this.