Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today, we started the day with the best breakfast possible: pancakes. After breakfast, we quickly got ready to go back to shore and continue the work that we had started yesterday. This time nobody needed to go to the clinic. We split again into two groups, with those who went to Little Rainbows yesterday went back there to try and finish up the swing set. The rest went back to Valley Day School to try and get more than four inches of the fence up this time. The Valley Day crew started with a new tactic, attempting to clear the path for the fence by digging up roots and building a trench for the fence to go into. Sadly, we realized that the posts that caused multiple blisters yesterday were most likely going to be moved. Those at Little Rainbows made great progress on the swing set and were able to paint it and put a majority of it together. We were all rewarded with a pizza lunch and an amazingly cold fruit punch! Soon after lunch we returned to work we had started, and while we’re not able to put up more than four inches of the fence in the end, we were able to almost prepare the perimeter completely. Currently, we are on our way to a barbecue with all the other go beyond and action quest groups, and ready to party with DJ Heavy Beats!