Location: Marina Cay

We woke up in the morning to the smell of chocolate chip, blueberry, and plain pancakes. We got prepared for the long, long sail (2+ hours) from Anegada to Tortola. Most of the crew members, including myself, took a nice nap while the others decided to sit around and chat. Although I was the skipper, it was Amanda’s last day, and everyone decided to give her the big surprise of driving the boat one last time. Once we arrived at the beautiful Trellis Bay, Tortola, all of the shipmates were given shore time + phones from the extremely generous staff. There, we were able to get snacks from the market as well as food from the airport. Once we finished shore time, we went back to the boat and then to Anamcara to decide who collected the better trash. Group 3 won (even though Group 1 was obviously the better choice). Group 2, although creative, did not win due to being bad at debating. After that, I drove the boat to Marina Cay so we could fill our water tanks. Then we got ready for showers and dinner because we were all very sweaty and hungry from this long, eventful day.