Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

“CRASH.” Then I face-planted into the water while wakeboarding …

***5 Hours Earlier***

I was awoken by our staff member, Darebear, shaking Jackson, Mateo, and I awake on the trampoline. As the skipper of the day, I was immediately given the responsibility of waking up the rest of the boat. After everybody woke up, our staff informed us that we would be onboard alone in the morning and had to make breakfast on our own. While unsupervised, we happily bumped to trap music while making, eating, and cleaning breakfast.

When the staff came back from their meeting, we set sail to Muskmelon Bay on Guana Island. I got to drive the boat! However I then retreated to the saloon to bump to some Queen and John Denver music — we had our own concert! After a very fun boat ride, we finally got to the destination. It looked so dope, and the water was very, very clear.

Once the anchor was set in the water, our boat plus the other boat (Anamcara) met up on our bow, and Elliot pranked everyone by spraying us with a dinghy motor. Afterward, we loaded onto a bunch of dinghy boats to look at birds. While looking at the birds, we saw some really cool places that would be fun for cliff jumping, but sadly the staff said no. While on the dinghies, we saw a bunch of dolphins, and they came really close to the boat.

After the dinghies, we all split off and did different things for our day of mandatory fun. For myself, I went snorkeling with Jackson, Julia, Ryder, Jack, Austin, and Darebear. We saw a huge school of fish — there were probably thousands of them. Afterward, we “forcefully baptized” Darebear in the ocean.

Then, Jackson, Mateo, and I went wakeboarding. Jackson got up on his first try, Mateo got up after a bunch, and I got up on my first try. It was very fun learning how to wakeboard (and falling a lot).

Once we got back to the boat, I fell asleep for a while and just chilled until the ski boat came back. We went wakeboarding again with Jack, Julia, Jackson, Mateo, and I. I went third and managed to get up on my first attempt. However, I tried to do a cool trick and “CRASH.” I face-planted into the water while wakeboarding. Then I just chilled in the dinghy for a while and watched other people wakeboard and kneeboard. I even got to see Gwen waterski!

When we got back to the boat, we all had saltwater showers, and Mateo and I had a water fight. For dinner, we ate vegetarian chili. My question at the dinner table for the “squeeze” of the night was: “What feelings do you think you will have on the last day of the trip?” My answer? Happy, but mostly sad to leave such a beautiful place.

Written by: David Rodin

Approved by: staff Darebear