Location: Anegada

This morning we woke up very early for our first full day on Anegada. Some of us went right away to turtle rodeo-style for the first time, and the rest of us went to the school to work on various projects. There was a four-year-old named Matthew who gave us a little more energy by sprinting around yelling “tag” as he went. At different times of the day, groups of three walked down to the dock to turtle with a trained guide and drove around looking for turtles. When we saw a turtle, two people would stand on the front of the boat and wait until we were given the “okay” to jump, and then we would dive head/hands-first picking up the turtle by its armpits. Every boat that went out caught one, so at the end, there were nine green turtles ranging in size. When every boat had caught one, we met back at the school and waited for the taxi. We all had to say goodbye to Dorie (an 11-year-old we spent time with) today for the last time. Tonight after dinner we are going to meet with the other boat and compare items from a trash scavenger hunt we had on the beach yesterday. I found a bottle with a note in French that washed up on the beach! Will report back tomorrow.