Location: Anegada

This morning we had breakfast and had a quick morning of service with one of our partners. We helped pile rocks to secure a tarp as a roof for a building that was destroyed by Hurricane Irma. Afterward, we sailed for two hours to Anegada. In the beginning, the sail was a challenge because a dingy was causing the helm to be pulled in one direction, but after we figured out the problem, it was really beautiful. Once we got to Anegada, we had a scavenger hunt on one of the beaches. The beach was deserted because there are very few people living on the island — it seemed untouched. It was a five-mile walk on the beach, so it took about two hours.

There was a reef close to shore, and since the water was so clear, we saw lots of awesome things in the water. We saw a sea turtle swimming and breathing at the surface and also a nurse shark. On the scavenger hunt, we found a lot of weird things like a sink and a dead horse. After the hike, the taxi was late, so we sat at the beach of a hotel. It had a dog named Pepper running around looking for food which was really cute. On the taxi ride back to the docks, we saw tons of wild cows walking around. For dinner, we had Mexican night, which was tacos with lots of toppings. Next, we are going to watch videos on how to catch turtles, which we will be doing tomorrow!