Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

We woke up on the dock at 7 and had a relaxed morning as we prepared for our first day of turtling. The chefs made a wonderful breakfast of eggs and leftover pancakes, and then we did some boat cleaning before getting underway to Little Dix Bay here in Virgin Gorda. The weather today has been one of the best we’ve had- hot and sunny with an amazing breeze, and the water was crystal clear and the bluest blue I have ever seen. Once we rafted to Anamcara, we had some blueberry muffins and made our way to the dinghies to turtle-tag. We spotted some right away, and we all dashed around to try to catch one. A little less than an hour went by, and the first turtle was caught! The green sea turtle was brought back to Anamcara, and we learned all about the different measurements we were recording and watched as the staff tagged the turtle and released it. It was absolutely incredible seeing a turtle that close and being able to interact with it. We set off again for Mountain Point Bay, and then had an amazing lunch of mac and cheese and a little bit of tanning. Afterward, we turtled for much of the afternoon with no luck. We set off to yet another location, Leverick Bay. We went through the passage between Virgin Gorda and Mosquito Island and anchored, all whilst freshwater showering was happening down below. We all got dressed up and headed to our first barbecue, which had a buffet, music, and glow sticks. I ate an incredible veggie burger, danced, and sat under the stars with Alice, Amanda, and Dory. After a fun night, we all headed back to the boat and are getting ready for a great night’s sleep.