Location: Spanish Town

Waking up to delicious pancakes and a little bit of stormy weather started up our day. We then did our daily tasks whether it was being a skipper, chef or a deckie. After, we all got ready and hopped on a splashy ride on a dinghy. While heading towards the island of Virgin Gorda on the dinghy, weather started to rain on us and we all got soaked! When we finally made it to the island, we then rode a cab down to the old copper mines. Due to the rocky formation, we had to hike down to the stony beach. We all got splashed by the waves! After getting soaked again, we cleaned up the beach at the first location of the copper mines. We also held baby hermit crabs! Then, we took another hike down to a different part of the beach, which was insane! Rain poured like crazy as we stepped in muddy water along the hike. It was really fun! When we finally made it to the beach, we cleaned it up and learned about the different kinds of plastics that were found scattered all over the sand. Eventually, we hiked back up through the rain and took a cab back to the docks where we took the dinghy back to the catamaran. We dried up and went to shore again where we had free time. Most of us ate at the Bath and Turtle. Their hurricane burgers were amazing and the name of it even related to the actual weather of the day. After lunch, we made it back to the boat where we took our swim test. After the test, we put our snorkels and flippers on and looked for fish and squid around the boat. By the way, we did find a lot of fish, a lot of squid and one giant hermit crab. One of my friends attempted to pass a Frisbee to me, but the intense wind took it away. We took the dinghy to rescue the Frisbee. After a lot of searching, we found it and saved it. Finally, we all took showers in the ocean and washed off with fresh water. It was definitely a different experience. Later, we settled down and ate dinner, which was sausage and pasta. This day was one of the most adventurous day of my life.