Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we went onto the other lifeworks boat with the older kids to sail to the Seal Dog Islands, a group of two small islands that are being protected by the Jost Van Dyke preservation society. We swam ashore and began to clean up the beach. The Dogs islands in the BVIs have an invasive rat problem that is decreasing the bird population, so Susan from the Jost Van Dyke preservation society set up rat traps and game cameras to try to restore the bird population. A few of us swam across to the other island to clean up the other beach. As we were casually swimming along enjoying the beautiful water and coral and talking. We were all blown away by the amount of trash; we had made several huge piles on a very small beach. After that, we went on a hike and cleaned up another beach and again were surprised by the amount of plastic we found. For the rest of the afternoon, we enjoyed some time on the beach and in the water.  Recently on the boat we have been playing a game where you have to flip a water bottle in the air and make it upright again, George wants me to mention that he finally flipped a water bottle that landed upright.