Location: Spanish Town


 Today is the second day of the catamaran voyage and it has been eventful. Waking up at 6:45 AM on a Saturday morning was the obstacle of the day. After resisting the upsetting world outside of an extremely comfortable “burrito” blanket, the day began. Cheerful music created a fun atmosphere throughout the day. The breakfast consisted of cereal and milk, which reminded me of home. My shipmates and I then walked to a shop adjacent to the boat. As “Skipper”, I was in charge of steering the helm through rough waves towards Virgin Gorda. Rain poured periodically throughout the trip surprisingly adding to the fun. I stayed dry in the cockpit, which I am happy about. I experienced showering in the ocean, which was actually the most memorable activity of the day. The meals were amazing. Tasty Sloppy Joe’s and deep conversations about music and TV. shows describes our dinner. As the “Skipper”, I had to ask the “squeeze question” of the day. The squeeze question is a question that everyone needs to answer while sitting in a circle awkwardly holding hands. I decided to ask the following question: What ice cream flavor would you use to describe your day, and what was your favorite thing about the day? I described the day as rocky-road ice cream because the bumps and crunchy not so good parts of the day include the rough ocean giving me sea-sickness while the chocolate ice cream includes the fun parts of the day superseding the taste of the bumps and crunchy parts of the day. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the day and can’t wait for the bonding and exhilaration that the next sixteen days aboard have in store for me!