Location: Húsavík

Today, we woke up from a long night of sleep at 7:45 am in Reykjavik. Our plan for the day was to start driving at 10:00 AM and arrive at our destination at dinner time. We started off the road trip with a bunch of fun, mind-boggling riddles and eventually stopped for lunch around 12:00. Food was good, and the conversations were funny and entertaining. After lunch, we drove for another two hours, finally arriving at our next destination, the waterfall at Godafoss. The view was amazing and the water was the bluest water I’ve ever seen. The waterfall was definitely the highlight of the day. After enjoying the evening at Godafoss, we drove for another two hours to the farm we are staying at. Since I was the group leader of the day, I got to cook dinner with two other people, Ashley and Ashton. Making tacos was fun, and not too hard to make. They were delicious. After, dinner we hung out and got to know each other a little bit better.