Location: Húsavík

My favorite way to wake up people is by hitting pans against each other, which unfortunately i wasn’t allowed to do. Instead I jumped on people’s beds and ran away. We ate breakfast and then left with a minivan to go fertilize land. The site of our service project was very remote and rural. The group met a wonderful soil expert called Sigga. she brought 700kg of fertilizer and a bunch of grass seeds. We were assigned to throw fertilizer on the non-fertile areas of the hill side. It took us a surprising 4 hours to finish all the fertilizer and seeds. Once we completed our work to the soil conservation service we did a group stretching session to help our muscles to ease. At 3:04 our minivan came and picked us up, it took us to Asbyrgi, also known as Odin’s horse shoe, a canyon which was scoured out from a glacier which melted due to volcanic explosions. It was great! Lots of fun and hard work was accomplished!! To warp up our tubular Tuesday, we grilled insane chicken (by Saltbae) and made decent pasta (from kitchen staff: Jack Callahan and Jack Boris). To make up for their pasta they made some….. KILLER VEGGIES!!!


Grillmaster Nondas