Location: Húsavík

We started off the day with a great hot breakfast: eggs and potatoes. This was good fuel for the day of service ahead! We jumped on the bus and headed to Saudafell to plant trees and fertilize the ground. We had these cool tree planting guns so we could be super efficient and ended up planting 52 pallets and there are 67 plants in a pallet, so overall we planted a whopping 3484 birch trees on the Saudafell farm. It was so beautiful. After we finished planting, we went to the local saltwater pool, which was so fun and relaxing. We then came home and cooked homemade pizza. After dinner, we had a stroll on the gorgeous farm we are staying at, and we had a sick rock throwing competition. We are all looking forward to the rest of the trip and to see more wonderful Icelandic land sites.


Ashley W