Location: Húsavík

We started off the day early at 7:00 for our wake up to make our lunches for the day and grab breakfast. After breakfast and cooking, we were off to Hliodeklettar, which was a wonderful hike through massive canyons and a wonderful river view as well. Then after we headed back and got on the bus to head to Selfoss and Dettifoss two amazing waterfalls. Dettifoss is the largest waterfall in all of Europe, which was amazing to see. And Selfoss was a smaller waterfall, and we were able to jump between rocks in the sides of it. On our way to some hot-springs, we stopped by the geothermal power plant, which was super cool to see how they generated power in an energy efficient way. Then we headed to the hot spring, which was beautiful but smelled so much like rotten eggs because of the sulfur steam. Then we headed to an underground cave called “the grotto,” and it was super cool to see a pond in an underground cave with perfectly clear water. Then before the excitement of whale watching, we went to the whale watching museum to learn the history. Then when it was finally time to go whale watching, and we had so much fun and saw tons of humpback whales. And after all of our fun, we grabbed some food on the way home and settled in for another good night.

Jack Chilson