Location: Sólheimar

Today we got up and going around 9:30 and we had an extremely exciting day of driving for 9 hours. But the night before at midnight we sang to Jack Chilson for his 16th birthday. The drive consisted of a lot of napping and president, which is a fun card game that we all like to play in the back of the bus. We also played a little bit of signs, which is another card game that is 4 players and 2 teams, which turns into a signaling madness across the table but is very entertaining to watch. We had lunch at a gas station with some pretty good pizza, and that was the entirety of our adventures from traveling. Then we got to Solheimar at 8ish, which is a very nice eco-village where will be staying for the following 4 days. Finally, we ended the day with a birthday cake for Jack made special by the staff at Solheimar.

Jack Callahan