Location: Sólheimar

Today was our first service day in Solheimar. To start our day, I woke everyone up, and we started to make breakfast. At 10 am, our tour with Margarita began. She showed us a presentation about Solheimar and its values. Solheimar is an Eco-Village that was started in 1931 and progressed to an amazing and beautiful place that only wastes 2 percent of their food per year. She gave us a tour of the village; then we ate lunch. After lunch, we did one hour of service pulling weeds along a trail. We then took a break and went to the Dadi concert at the church. Dadi is a local Icelandic musician. This was an incredible and unique experience of Icelandic music and culture. After the concert, we headed back to the trail to finish our service. We pulled weeds and poured mulch on the path, creating a new nature trail. After our service, we ate an incredibly delicious chicken dinner to close our day.

Ashton Lacey