Location: Marina Cay

On the ninth day of our GoBeyond Trip, Some Beez woke up later than usual. After a long night of comparing garbage, suffice to say we were all exhausted. Having devoured some cinnamon toast for breakfast, we were ready to leave the flat landscape of Anegada and return to the standard, hilly islands that the BVI is known for. Two hours of a punk-rock filled journey later, we anchored and picked up some snacks from a local convenience store. Once back on the ship, we lunched on some Ramen. Afterward, we were ready to head back out and continue our never-ending quest for sea turtles. Although Co-Skipper Will and the rest of one of three dinghies claimed that they spotted a turtle surfacing, the crew of Some Beez was unable to capitalize on the opportunity, and we left empty-handed. Once again we set out, this time in search of a fresh tank of water. The crew was glad because this meant they again had the opportunity for a fresh-water shower.