Location: Anegada

Today we started the morning with shore time and delicious French toast made by Alexis and Shayla. After that, we embarked on our full 2-hour sail to Anegada. This sail was filled with card games and relaxing in the sun. Once we anchored in Anegada, we took the dinghies to shore and split up in our groups for our garbage scavenger hunt. All were splitting up across the island, we each followed a list of different types of garbage to collect. Although the hike was long and hot, we all enjoyed spending time together and cleaning up the beaches. When we got back to the boat, we all enjoyed an eventful Mexican dinner (to say the least).

As clean up is currently going on, we are preparing to present our trash to BZ and Elliot. The group, who presents the unique garbage, wins a prize at the end. Overall, today was a great, fun day.