Location: Anegada

The day started with an early wake-up and breakfast of cereal so that we could all be on the dock by 8:30. Today was all about the turtles and learning a new technique of catching while collecting research data for ARK. Instead of snorkeling and diving for the turtles like the past time, groups of three went out and attempted to catch the turtles by jumping into the water and grabbing them. At first attempt, many failed to hold on to the turtles; others just had trouble figuring out how to get out of the boat in the first place. We would spot the turtle and chase it around in a small boat until it became tired. Once alongside it, one person in the boat would jump hands first into the two feet water in hopes of clutching the turtle under the flippers. Everyone pitched in and helped measure and tag the turtles. In total, eleven turtles were caught and released today. Most of them were Green turtles, but a few were Hawksbill. There was surprise shore time where most enjoyed a refreshing drink from the Anegada hotel staff. To end the successful day, a dinner of chicken caesar salad and risotto was cooked up with a special gift of french fries from BZ and Elliot.