Location: New Delhi

When telling others about my travels to India, their first response was usually, Oh my goodness; it is SO hot in India!!!! I didn’t think much of it until you experience the heat! We started off our day with a delicious breakfast at our hotel. Shortly after we traveled to Central Delhi and visited Red Fort, which was built by The Mogul Empire. The architecture was so beautiful, with so much history and detail, it was a very interesting visit. But unfortunately, the heat got to us! Soon after we got a delicious traditional Indian meal (It was SOOO good ?). Later in the day, we saw the Presidents Palace and the India Gate, which again was incredible! Our final destination was the Home of Mahatma Gandhi and the site where he was assassinated. His home was simple yet profound. Filled with quotes and experiences from his life, we learned about his dream of world peace. One philosophy from Gandhi that resonated with me was to, Be True. Visiting his home was a surreal experience. After we headed back to the hotel for a home-cooked Indian meal, and again it was so good! Tomorrow we head for Dharamsala, and we are all so excited to see more of India!