Location: Manuel Antonio

To start the day, we woke up bright and early at 5:30 AM for breakfast which was at 6:30. Breakfast consisted of the same foods that we had the day before. Even though no one was thrilled about the early wake-up call, we were all excited for the relaxing day ahead. After breakfast, we brought all of our things onto the bus and headed over to the West Coast of Costa Rica. About an hour went by, we stopped at a gift shop, and saw some crocodiles in a river below the road. We then headed quickly back to the bus out of fear that we would be pelted with water balloons #boyswillbeboys! After we safely made it to the bus with our souvenirs, we continued our journey to our next hotel. Two and a half more hours on the road led us to our hotel, the Blue Monkey. We dropped our things off and quickly got back on the bus to go to a supermarket and take a nature tour. The tour guide showed us a variety of animals and insects including, monkeys, sloths, spiders, frogs, and iguanas. Once we reached the end of the tour, we found ourselves at the beautiful beaches of West Coast, Costa Rica. Everyone quickly headed for the ocean to cool off and enjoy the huge waves. After the waves strongly pulled us under and broke Rachel’s sunglasses (#sorrymom) and stole Chloe’s, Sarah told the rest of the of the girls, “This is why I suggested putting your sunglasses in your backpacks.” (Backpacks, which were hanging on the trees so the raccoons and monkeys couldn’t eat them) We got out of the water to eat and found ourselves being tormented by a giant iguana. We decided the water was the best place to be and went back to swim some more. After a couple more hours of waves taller than really tall people, we hiked back to the bus and supermarket. Once we bought our cereal and other goodies, we went back to the hotel and had free time. Dinner was at 6:30 and even though we weren’t super hungry due to the mouths full of sand that we ingested, everyone enjoyed either pasta with meat sauce, burgers or quesadillas. To top off our day, we had brownies for dessert and discovered even after showering we still had a beach in our hair. We now have free time before our next exciting day of rafting!

Shout out to Grammy, Poppy, Liz, Larry, Derbie, Jen, Scott, Ben and Finn