Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today we did a lot — from beach cleanups to barbecues, along with all of the great stuff in the middle. We swam, walked, and sailed all around the BVI.

To start the day, we got up, raised anchor, and set sail away from Savanna Bay. Then we arrived at Prickly Pear where we did our beach clean-up. When we pulled up to the dock to go onto the beach, Derek fell into the water (which was pretty funny). Finally, we got onto the beach and were ready to start our trash pick-up.

We cleaned up the beach for about two hours and found the weirdest stuff, like a set of bowls and plates. After about three hours, we went back to the boats with our trash bags full of garbage. Afterward, we ate lunch and then set off to go monitor some seagrass.

After a short sail, we arrived at Deep Bay, where we began to monitor the seagrass. So we headed to shore and disembarked from our dinghy. We started to practice measuring the seagrass on the land before actually measuring it. To measure the seagrass, we had to lay out transects lines and use these special measuring tools called quadrats.

Then we set sail to the barbecue. It was awesome, the food was good, and DJ Heavy Beats was awesome.