Location: Golfito

To start the day, we had the most unexpected meal for breakfast: rice and beans. We’re not joking; we’ve only had this breakfast once! We then headed down to the dock and got ready for an exciting boat tour. To complement the beautiful scenery of oceans and mountains, we sported bright orange life jackets and faced full of sunscreen. Although Sarah didn’t see the turtles she wanted to see so desperately, she and the rest of the group saw tons of dolphins. They got so close to the boat that we could almost touch them! After spending some time with the dolphins, we headed to a private beach where we would begin our jungle tour. Before the tour started, everyone got to try fresh coconut (it was supermarket worthy). To start the journey off, we saw bamboo that was not only taller than really tall people, but it was taller than really tall people. Once we headed a little further into the jungle we got the opportunity to try some cocoa beans… unfortunately they tasted nothing like chocolate, and they were slimy #sensoryissues. Once we finally got the taste out of our mouths, we were able to focus on the stunning views that the forest provided. We finally made it to a waterfall even after a few slips and fell on the way (Megan got stuck between two small rocks), and it was amazing. Although the girls decided to stay dry, the boys were more than happy to jump right in. Once it was time to hike back to the beach, Rachel and Megan immediately got ahead with the rest of the group and Sarah, Chloe, Evan, Shaun, and Josh held up the rear. Finally, back safely at the beach, we ate lunch and headed back to the hotel. We had some free time until dinner at 6:00, where we got pizza and flan for dessert. Rachel and Sarah both thought it tasted like eggs and pushed theirs off to the side. Once dinner was over, we all headed back to our rooms. Excited about service tomorrow!