Location: Rio Claro & Golfito

Today began with Chloe, and Sarah waking Megan and Rachel up at 2 am with an *emergency* (aka there was a lizard on the ceiling that needed to leave). After going back to bed for a long slumber, Megan had to wake up Chloe and Sarah with a mere 3 minutes until breakfast. For breakfast, we had traditional rice and beans along with toast and eggs. To conclude the meal, we started our game of assassin (where Megan died first, and Chloe died ten short minutes later). Essentially, each person is given an object that must be given to a certain person in a specified location. If they complete that mission, they successfully assassinate the other person. After breakfast, we scurried along to Fatima’s house where we continued our construction projects from yesterday. Megan had a long day of sifting, shoveling, making cement, and painting, while Chloe did some shoveling, painting and washed some dishes. After a few hot and laborious hours we had lunch, which consisted of rice, fish, and mashed potatoes. We all “worked” some more painting shelves for the school. Even though we got paint all over our bodies, and Rachel got a lot on her face, we got the job done! We came back to the hotel around 5:30, where we had a quick few minutes of swimming, and then we decided it was time to leave. We had dinner which consisted of different choices of local meals. Shaun, our new leader, flew in from China, and we got to meet him. After a few toasts to our beloved Henry, we all parted ways for free time before bed. #Shoutouttotaraandmike #ShoutouttoBlairJoshandDJ