Location: Rio Claro

Today we woke up and ate delicious pancakes for breakfast made by Josh. Then we departed on our way to work for Fatima in Rio Claro. We dug up tons of sand and put it in buckets and transported it to help build a new floor in a school. We all felt like there was so much work to be done and were expecting more help from the people there. I’m sure the remaining days will be more gratifying as we start to see the closing of an entire project. Fatima first told us how excited she was to have us there and gave us a bit of a background story of her life. Fatima cooked a very good lunch for us and made a good snack. We are looking forward to an even better couple of days. On a side note, we had a very quiet and enjoyable bus ride to Rio Claro. We ate fruit loops and slept. After service, we checked in to our new home for the next five nights and ate a very filling dinner. The boys are looking forward to a relaxing night by the pool and beach. The girls will probably be hanging out in their room. Matt and Charly out peace yo.