Location: Uvita

The girls woke up bright and early to make breakfast for everyone. Even though we were having some difficulty with the pans burning the food, we managed to have an awesome day on a boat tour that took us around Uvita’s coastal waters. We got to stop at some coral and go snorkeling. Even though we didn’t see many animals, we saw small schools of fish, lobsters, and jellyfish. After we headed back to the boat, we went out to see a bunch of dolphins who were playing in the waves.¬†As we searched for animals, the boat captain even let Hamzah and Ladislas drive! Our final spot was checking out some sea turtles and rays. We headed back to the bungalows we were staying at, where we quickly left to head to lunch and then to a place called Kids Saving the Rainforest (KSTR). KSTR is an awesome organization that helps rehabilitate injured jungle animals with the intent to release them back into their habitat after they’re well enough to survive on their own. We all saw different types of monkeys native to Costa Rica. Our KSTR guide, Rebecca, told us all about the animals that they are treating. Afterward, we got to head back to San Jose to meet our host families for the first time!