Location: Forjando Alas

We got up early, for there was a new world record of the best breakfast ever made by teenage boys. They made french toast, crepes, fresh-cut fruit and three different types of smoothies. Doesn’t that sound delicious? Anyway, after such a feast we headed to our construction project in Uvita at a place called Forjando Alas, which helps to educate young children. We dug holes into the ground for the concrete pillars that will support a new classroom. The holes we were working on were serious: we’re talking about holes in the ground that are a meter deep, and they were full of rocks that seemed as hard as diamond. Even our guides had a hard time breaking some of the rocks! After a solid seven hours of work, we were all exhausted, but we had accomplished what we set out to do–ever hole was dug and ready for the building to begin going up. Devin, being the awesome guide he is, made a surprise pit stop and got us all ice cream! We all headed back to the hotel to shower and hang out in the pool while the guides cooked us up a fantastic mango Chipotle chicken taco dinner that served as a tasty end to an awesome day! Overall, it was an amazing day, and we’re all proud to say that we were able to share it with some of the best people we know.