Location: La Finca

Already the eighth day in Costa Rica. Time is flying by quickly. Every day is precious, and this one more than others because it is the first breakfast with our host family! Each home is different, the language barrier is bigger for some than others, but everyone survived. Today was a really special day for students of La Caprio because they went to La Finca, a property where people can go to relax and away from the conditions of La Carpio. At La Finca, we taught them how to swim and play basketball. At lunchtime, pizza arrived for the kids, and that put them at the top of their happiness. Twelve pizzas later, the children were happy and full. We were glad because we got to put a smile on their faces by playing with them.

  The afternoon was spent at the Doka coffee plantation. We took a tour and got to see how coffee was made. It was interesting to taste the different types of coffee such as Peaberry, Italiano and their house blend. The plantation is the largest coffee distributor in Costa Rica, and their biggest buyer is Starbucks. By the end of the day we all returned to our host families for dinner, and we met at Gail’s house to watch a movie called “I Am.” Day eight was quite an adventurous day.